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Business Music Is Not That Easy

If I asked you to close your eyes and I played Dean Martin’s classic tune “That’s Amore”, what restaurant would you assume you’re eating at? Or if you heard an acoustic version of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”, what type of hotel would you be laying your head down in? Music has a clear way of invoking moods and branding memories. There is plenty of data that shows that the music a hotel or restaurant play can lure guests.

Most businesses are found playing music through their Pandora, Spotify, or Apple Music account. Some even go to YouTube and use playlists to run their music. While this music might be sounding great in your business, it is illegal. Music played on those services are provided through an individual or family license. To help out we’ve listed some business music providers and their costs.


Overhead.fmBusiness Music Is Not That Easy

Starts at $16.95 a month


Business Music Is Not That Easy

Spotify Business/Soundtrack Your Business

Starts at $34.95 a month


Business Music Is Not That EasyPandora for Business/ Mood

Starts at $26.95 a month + $99 for Mood Player


Business Music Is Not That EasyiOMusic

Starts at $34.99 a month


Business Music Is Not That EasyMoodmixes –



Business Music Is Not That –

Starts at $19.00 a month


These options can help you get the right vibe for your restaurant or hotel and start driving sales. What kind of music or songs are you choosing to play in your spot? Let us know in the comments down below.


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