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Hotelier Explained
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Explanation Series: Hotelier

The French regarded a hotel to be a building “seeing frequent visitors and providing care, rather than a place offering accommodation” (Wikipedia). Hotelier was derived from the term hotelier, which was the caretaker of a hostel. Hotelier refers to a manager or owner of a hotel. Originally hoteliers were innkeepers but as more affluent customers…

Explaining Turnover
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Explanation Series: Turnover

Turnover carries with it many meanings. When it comes to employee turnover it refers to the overall amount changes are made to the current staff. This can be staff that leaves, dies, is discharged, or retires. A high turnover rate often shows how often people are being replaced in this position. The overall goal for…

Explanation Series Restaurateur
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Explanation Series: Restaurateur

A common misunderstanding is that the spelling is a restauranteur. This is a misnomer that has continued to be used but was first used forty-four years after the original word, restaurateur. This word comes from French but ultimately has Latin roots. The original word was “Restaurare” which meant “to restore”. The word restaurateur means an…

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