Challenge Series Communicating with God

Challenge Series: Communicating with God

Day in day out you’re focusing on efficiency, bottom line, etc. But it’s equally important your employees are motivated and inspired. If they feel they can make a difference they will go an extra mile. And in the hospitality business that is the competitive edge. With that in mind here’s this week’s challenge.


One day a construction supervisor from the 6th floor of a building was calling a worker working on the ground floor. Because of construction noise, the worker on the ground floor could not hear his supervisor calling.
Then to draw the attention of the worker, the supervisor threw a 10 rupee note from up, which fell right in front of the worker. The worker picked up the 10 rupee note, put it in his pocket & started his work.
Again to draw the attention of the worker, the supervisor now threw a 500 rupee note. The worker picked up the 500 rupee note, put it in his pocket & continued doing his job.
Now the supervisor picked a small stone & threw it on the worker to draw his attention. The stone hit the worker exactly on his head. This time the worker looked up & the supervisor communicated with him.


The point of this week’s story is that sometimes we fail to see the soft notices put in front of us and we wait until a larger moment of impact occurs. Life normally talks subtly. This week’s challenge is to have your team write down times in their life where they have noticed moments where life was trying to guide them. This could be in the past or realizations of the present. The focus is not for regret but happiness in that they should follow their gut.


Instinct is a great thing to build in your staff. If they learn to trust their gut, it normally will lead to extraordinary service of others and do the right thing. Post some of the responses on the board to let them remind themselves how important those little moments are.
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