Challenge Series Knowledge

Challenge Series: Knowledge

Day in day out you’re focusing on efficiency, bottom line, etc. But it’s equally important your employees are motivated and inspired. If they feel they can make a difference they will go an extra mile. And in the hospitality business that is the competitive edge. With that in mind here’s this week’s challenge.


A scientific convention was held at a lakeside resort. After the first day’s proceedings, a mathematician, a physicist, an astronomer and a molecular biologist hired a boatman to row them around on the lake. As they sat in the boat, they discussed string theory, bubble universes, the Gaea Hypothesis and other abstruse topics.

The biologist noticed the boatman looking at them from the corner of his eyes. He asked him, “What do you think of these ideas?” The boatman replied, “I didn’t understand any of it.”

The astronomer asked him how far he had studied. He told them he couldn’t even read. “I hate to say it,” said the physicist, “but you seem to have wasted a good part of your life.” The boatman remained silent.

By now they were out in the middle of the lake, far from shore. A sudden storm whipped up. The waves started churning and heaving. All of a sudden, the boat flipped over. The boatman started swimming for shore. The scientists cried out, “Help! We can’t swim!” The boatman called back, “I hate to say it, but you seem to have wasted your whole lives.


Everyone has their purpose and plays a role in helping the world. Some people study stars, some wash dishes, some are fishermen, etc. This week’s challenge is to have your staff write down the good they are doing in their current role. If it is the housekeeping staff they could write how they are ensuring none of the guests are getting sick. If it is the dishwasher it could be that they are making sure the dishes are as good as the day the restaurant bought them.


Seeing the ultimate goal of a position can open you to the help they are truly providing. At the end of the week post some of the good ones that seem to have truly gained the meaning behind their position. If you run low, write your own responses and post those instead. Meaning can help your staff put that extra effort.
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