Easy Ways Hotels Can Grab Emails

Easy Ways Hotels Can Grab Emails

Hotels are in the business of getting emails and building a direct to consumer model. This is the best way to drive direct traffic and increase revenue lost to OTAs. Asking for emails can be annoying for customers. Everything is asking for an email. No one wants emails flooding their inbox. Here are 4 different methods of grabbing emails from guests.


The obvious way you can get emails is sending email receipts. This is been a popular method of grabbing emails for some time and often used in the restaurant business. Asking if the guest wants the receipts emailed to them is easy and beneficial for the guest.

During Registration

This is a simple method that can prove to be effective. This can be on a physical registration card or on your website. If it is on a physical registration card, put the email below the signature line. An email is a form of identity and putting it near the signature could help with completion. If it is on your website you should do the same. You could even ask for it to completeit for completing the booking.


Everyone needs wifi and everyone uses the free WiFi. Adding a field for an optional email seems effortless and an even trade. Requiring the email could be good but there are many people resistant to this method. Use your insight and discretion on which method works for you.


Having your guests participating in events is a fun method. Next time your hotel is doing cosmetic changes like new room layouts get your guests to help. Give them options and let them vote. Those that take part are beginning, a sort of story. Requiring their email to find out what the ending of this story will build anticipation. Those that take part will appreciate the email with the outcome.
There are many ways to grab emails but these are some casual ways to get your guests to take part. When you’re having guests put their signature you should also be asking for an email. These are 4 ways to get emails, what ways are you using? Let us know in the comments down below.
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