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The French regarded a hotel to be a building “seeing frequent visitors and providing care, rather than a place offering accommodation” (Wikipedia). Hotelier was derived from the term hotelier, which was the caretaker of a hostel. Hotelier refers to a manager or owner of a hotel. Originally hoteliers were innkeepers but as more affluent customers began to arrive, their tastes drove more extravagant amenities. This led to inns turning into hotels. Now there are over 21 million hotels worldwide (UN World Tourism Organization)


The larger the hotel, the more layers that are added to the management team. The hotelier is responsible for managing the staff and success of the hotel. In smaller establishments, the hotelier is dealing directly with the guests and their needs. An hotelier must keep himself in the know of modern hotel trends to see which pieces they would like to incorporate. Technology being the leading factor hotels fall behind on.

Areas of Expertise

Being well versed in all the different pieces of the hotel is important, yet the hotelier does not need to be an expert in everything. Their ability to hire, manage, and maintain high-performing staff is crucial to their success. The most important positions are found through housekeeping and front desk. Both are critical points of contact with guests and can equally make or break even the most successful hotels.


There are two traits that are usually seen amongst hoteliers. They are experts at managing people and are data driven. They are usually friendly people that can sit and talk with guests and staff alike. This is a predominant trait most successful managers in the hospitality industry have.

The second trait is they are data driven. This is the driver of a successful hotel. Looking at reports and numbers are an important daily task done by hoteliers to see gaps and areas of improvement. This will deal with areas in sales, guests, and operations. All pushing the hotel to move forward in an increasingly challenging industry.

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