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10 Attention-Grabbing Front Desk Photos

In today’s market, you need to make an impact and do so in a quick time-frame. Having attention-grabbing front desk photos will help you do that. Where once you could get by without having to think of unique differentiating factors, you can’t anymore. Even “red ocean” companies are finding ways to add new touches to their products. The front desk is an important piece of design of a hotel because in some instances this is the only communication point directly with the guest. It can be an easy point of remembrance and can provide a talking point amongst guests. This talking point can create a communal environment where people can create memories with each other. All of this leading to better and more genuine customer reviews.


We decided to take a deeper look into attention-grabbing front desks at some amazing hotels. Ones that will leave you interested in what they have to offer or impressed by their style choices. These are ones that will give your guests impactful first impressions and conversation starters. We provided 9 attention grabbing hotel front desk photos and will look to you to help us decide a 10th.


Tag us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using #startinghospitality. We will pick one and update the post. The best attention-grabbing front desk photo will get a $25 Amazon gift card.

Woolloomooloo Sydney

10 Attention-Grabbing Front Desk Photos

25Hour Hotel Hamburg

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