Going Green Gives You Greenback

Going Green Gives You Greenback

Save yourself some money. Making your hotel green not only pleases the eco-conscious traveler but also pleases your pocket. Those self-proclaimed “eco-tourists” hit upwards of 43 million around the world. Being green comes with a nice price uptick as well. These eco-tourists are also said to be willing to pay 8.5% more to go to eco-friendly hotels. Travel Zoo did a survey that has over 90% of U.S. travelers saying they would choose a green, environmentally conscious hotel over a competing hotel without those amenities (price comparable of course). This is a large factor to consider. Take into mind though that people choose their hotels based on location, amenities, and service.

The additional travelers at your hotel but going green gives you money on the bottom line. Through different efforts you can cut energy use, water use, waste, etc. By reducing these fixed costs you are opening yourself to better margins. While is one great benefit the other is a reducing in housekeeping needed. If your housekeepers can take on a 20% increase in rooms per day this can also move you towards reducing an employee cost, another large fixed cost. The reason to go green is one that proves to give you long-run growth, high margins, lower fixed costs, and more publicity. All of which can help your hotel be successful.



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