Remove Distractions and Stay Focused

Remove Distractions and Stay Focused

Whether you’re doing capital expenditures or you’re involved in a restaurant/hotel opening, distractions at work are a pain in the you-know-what. In today’s society where everything has a bell, ding, or image to notify you of something requiring your attention, find ways to pay attention is increasingly difficult. Removing distractions and trying to stay focused is a constant struggle. We got some tips to help you out.

Key Steps to Stay Focused:

Control your context: You can’t react to what’s not there.
Stay calm: Stress makes you dumb. Stress and reacting leads to dumb behavior.
Think about your goals: Get Stoicism, mindfulness, and dopamine on your side.
Make a deliberate decision: When you do, your brain is better able to resist no-nos.

This Is How To Resist Distraction: 4 Secrets To Remarkable Focus | Barking Up the Wrong Tree

There was a 2009 study by Stanford that looked at the effect media multitasking had on their fundamental information processing. The study concluded, although, from a small sample size, that multitasking led to easy distraction. So when you are really trying to tackle the important things, put the phone away and avoid multitasking.

Good control of your mind is important when you want to remove distractions at the workplace. Meditation is a great tool that benefits CEOs, according to Harvard Business Review. They posted in 2015 how meditation builds resilience, boosts emotional intelligence, enhances creativity, and improves relationships. Most importantly they cover how meditation helps you stay focused (You could also check out our Yoga Post).

Another important, yet more lifestyle choice, to help you remove distractions is to exercise regularly. Scientists at Harvard Medical School discuss in a May 2013 post how regular exercise boosts beneficial chemicals in the brain. The chemical is a brain-derived neurotrophic factor which improves mental information processing.

Being to have tunnel vision on important tasks brings your best effort forward. At the hotel and restaurant, there are so many moving pieces to get your attention. Not to mention our own lifestyle choices such a push notifications and our chatty friends. How do you remove distractions and stay focused? Let us know in the comments below.

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