Hotel Job Descriptions

Hotel Job Descriptions

Save yourself the time and get ready made hotel job descriptions that you can modify and make your own.


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Over 40 job descriptions covered all departments. Every file is customizable to include your company name and logo. We cover all the necessary fields: job specifications, description, preferred skills, and qualifications. Listed below are all the job descriptions included. 

[list] [li]Accouting Clerk[/li] [li]Accounting Manager[/li] [li]Banquet Captain[/li] [li]Banquet Cook[/li] [li]Banquet Manager[/li] [li]Banquet Server[/li] [li]Bartender[/li] [li]Bell Person[/li] [li]Bus Person[/li] [li]Catering Service Attendant[/li] [li]Chief Accountant[/li] [li]Concierge[/li] [li]Director of Sales and Marketing[/li] [li]Engineer[/li] [li]Executive Chef[/li] [li]Executive Housekeeper[/li] [li]Executive Sous Chef[/li] [li]Executive Steward[/li] [li]Food and Beverage Director[/li] [li]Front Desk Agent[/li] [li]Front Office Manager[/li] [li]Front Office Supervisor[/li] [li]General Cashier[/li] [li]Guest Service Representative[/li] [li]Hotel General Manager[/li] [li]Housekeeper[/li] [li]Housekeeping Operation Supervision[/li] [li]Human Resources Coordinator[/li] [li]Human Resource Director[/li] [li]Income Auditor[/li] [li]In-Room Dining Manager[/li] [li]Laundry Attendant[/li] [li]Laundry Manager[/li] [li]Lead Engineer[/li] [li]Mini Bar[/li] [li]Night Auditor[/li] [li]Pastry Supervisor[/li] [li]Restaurant Manager[/li] [li]Revenue Manager[/li] [li]Room Operations Supervisor[/li] [li]Sales Manager[/li] [li]Security Officer[/li] [li]Steward[/li] [li]Telephone Operator[/li] [li]Valet Attendant[/li] [li][/li] [/list]

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