Simple Housekeeping SOP

Simple Housekeeping Standard Operating Procedure

We have broken down the housekeeping SOP into teachable methods. Ones that employees and managers will both understand what they’re doing, and more importantly, remember.


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We attempt to simplify the housekeeping SOP functions into understanding, guidance, and steps. Our Housekeeping SOP gives you proper standard operating procedures. We have broken down each task into pieces. What is it you are trying to achieve by this task? This is how we broke our housekeeping sop.


What is it you are trying to achieve by this task?


Why this task is important. What is the purpose of this task?


A story to make this procedure stick.

Guided Instructions

Manager training tool to put in action.


And finally, a step-by-step walk-through of tasks.

What we have seen is this is a better tool to make sure people understand and more importantly remember. This housekeeping SOP is simple and easy to use. You will love it.

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