Boost Your Hotel Instagram

Simple Ways to Boost Your Instagram

Getting the most out of your social media is pivotal to your hotel or restaurant’s success, especially with your Instagram. You want to build brand awareness. People need to know that you exist and that you’re the best option for what they want. You also need to get repeat visibility and engagement. These are the steps that lead to higher sales. Let’s talk about some key ways to better use Instagram to help your business thrive.

Use Hashtags

Your hotel or restaurant should have a unique hashtag that it uses for all IG posts. This will make it easy for people to post photos they took of your property or food. Also, make sure to post specifics with the hashtags. If you captured a dinner picture or a pool picture hashtag it with #breakfast or #pool. This will make sure it gets possible coverage. The goal is not only popular hashtags but niche ones that get underutilized. You could use Hashtagify for help.

Highlight your Employees and Building

Putting a face to the guest services or the housekeeping staff, makes your brand seem more human. Guests that remember staff will more likely be ready to like or interact with the picture. If they haven’t they can still find relatable attributes that connect with them.

Great Bio

The important thing the bio will do they know what you are offering. What makes you different. Do you have your contact information there? All of this is important but remember that everything in social media needs to be creative and unique.

Cross Share

You should use apps like Buffer or Hootsuite to post through all your social media platforms. This will help you get the maximum use of your time. You want to get clicks, engagement, and likes.

Highlight Your Guest’s Posts

Guests will often put together good photos that you can then back-link (link to their post). Writing a good caption like “Say “Cheese!”, check out Chelsea’s picture of our mac n cheese”, will help the re-sharing of the photo. It is a win-win.

Take MANY photos

With today’s digital revolution take many photos. Professional photographers are sometimes working with 5% usage. Meaning they could take 100 photos but only publish 5 of them. Click that photo button over and over again. Don’t stop.

Follow People and Like

You want to be following every guest that has interacted with your business. There is a general rule of thumb that people will follow back those that follow them. As a brand, you only just want to make sure you’re not following suspect people and ones with private profiles. Other than that, follow everyone. It will get people to see that you exist. If they’ve taken a photo of your establishment, like their photo as long as it is not derogatory. If it is derogatory, you need to comment on it to show you’ve acknowledged their post.

Use Filters

Not everyone is @caseyneistat with professional movie style cameras. Don’t be afraid of the filters. The most popular filter on IG is “Clarendon”. For nature, you could use “Valencia” and for food, you could try “Skyline”. Play around, see what works for you.

Using some of these tips, you’re going to start seeing your brand be better recognized. Make sure to keep your comments and likes going. Time but seem trying but trust me, you’re going to get the most out of this.

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