SOCIALDAYS Series June 5 - 11

Social Days Series: Week of June 5-11

So when you’re working in hotel or restaurant marketing, you need content to fill up the days. We’ve decided to work with our partners at CheckInDesign, our new hospitality website designers, to put together next week’s social media days that hotels and restaurants can use for content. We included the day, some emojis you could use, and a message you can post yourself or use for inspiration. Get those clients!

June 5

National Ketchup / Catsup Day – It’s no surprise #sausagerollday and #ketchupday are on the same day during baseball season. Come watch the game.

Sausage Roll Day – Mmm #sausagerollday means pigs in a blanket, not hotdogs. Stop by for some savory treats.

Moonshine Day – We don’t sell moonshine but if you want to support #local breweries we got some here. #moonshineday

World Environment Day – If you want to connect with nature on #worldenvironmentday we have some great trails near the hotel.

June 6

National Gingerbread Day – For #gingerbreadday f you bring a gingerbread man to the restaurant, we’ll give you a hot cocoa on the house.

Yo-Yo Day – When we’re #walkingthedog our dog it is a #saltychihuahua. Happy #yoyoday

June 7

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day – No ice cream but you can get your pints here. #chocolateicecreamday

Running Day – Come to the hotel and check out the running paths. We’ll have a cold water waiting for you. Social Days Series: Week of June 5-11

June 8

National Jelly-Filled Doughnut Day – Strawberry is my jelly of choice. What’s yours? Happy #JellyFilledDonutDay Social Days Series: Week of June 5-11

Jerky Day – The smart guys know that you should never be a jerk. But you should be #jerky. Happy #jerkyday

Farm Workers Day – Today we give our thanks to our local supplier Farmer John and his team. #farmworkersday Social Days Series: Week of June 5-11

World Oceans Day – In an effort to reduce the impact on our oceans, we have waterless urinals. Do your part. #WorldOceansDay Social Days Series: Week of June 5-11

June 9

National Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Day – It is a long hashtag but it tastes so good. #strawberryrhubarbpieday

Donald Duck Day – It is #Donaldduckday but please don’t show up without your pants!

June 10

World Gin Day – #GinAndTonic was part of the reason the British Empire expanded. I know I feel like taking over the world after a couple. #worldginday  Social Days Series: Week of June 5-11

National Iced-Tea Day – To celebrate #icedteaday we have made our iced tea part of the happy hour. #LongIslandIcedTea Social Days Series: Week of June 5-11

When there was an emoji available for you to use, we’ve included them next to the dates. If you find we missed an emoji or we forgot a day, let us know in the comments below. We want to hear from you.

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Social Days Series: Week of June 5-11
We want to help restaurants and hotels increase their organic traffic. We give you social media days, emojis, and messages you can report yourself.
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Social Days Series: Week of June 5-11

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