SOCIAL DAYS Series July 3 - 9

Social Days Series: Week of July 3 – 9

So when you’re working in hotel or restaurant marketing, you need content to fill up the days. We’ve decided to work with our partners at CheckInDesign, our new hospitality website designers, to put together next week’s social days that hotels and restaurants can use for content. We included the day, some emojis you could use, and a message you can post yourself or use for inspiration. Get those guests!

Social Days

July 3

Stay Out of the Sun Day – Today is #StayOutOfTheSunDay so come on in. We've got you covered Click To Tweet

Eat Beans Day – Leave the milkshakes at home. We provide real protein. #EatBeansDay Click To Tweet

National Fried Clams Day – I love food that is fried. I love clams. Happy #NationalFriedClamsDay Click To Tweet

July 4

Independence Day – Celebrate your freedom of choice and eat whatever you like today. #IndependenceDay Click To Tweet

National Barbecue Day – Sunz out. Bunz out. #NationalBarbecueDay Click To Tweet

Caesar Salad Day – If you order a caesar salad it better come with croutons. #original #CaesarSaladDay Click To Tweet

Independence from Meat Day – Organic, fresh, and plant-based. These are the keywords for #IndependenceFromMeatDay Click To Tweet

July 5

National Apple Turnover Day –  Turn down for what? This is #AppleTurnoverday Click To Tweet

National Graham Cracker Day – Is it just me or does everyone love the Graham Cracker crust on our Key Lime Pie. #GrahamCrackerday Click To Tweet

National Hungover Day – If you're not hungover today you didn't celebrate our Independence. #NationalHungoverDay Click To Tweet

July 6

National Fried Chicken Day – You know the secret to Fried Chicken. Love. #NationalFriedChickenDay Click To Tweet

International Kissing Day – Pucker up and kiss your loved one, your hookup, a stranger. #InternationalKissingDay Click To Tweet

July 7

National Chocolate Day – I have manners but when I eat chocolate and it melts on my fingers. I suck it right off. #NationalChocolateDay Click To Tweet

National Strawberry Sundae Day – Finish off your meal with a delicious dessert. #NationalStrawberrySundaeDay Click To Tweet

National Macaroni Day – Baked, fried, or boiled. So many things you can do on #NationalMacaroniDay Click To Tweet

National Tell The Truth Day – The only lie we'll be doing today is in bed after our shift. #NationalTellTheTruthDay Click To Tweet

July 8

Ice Cream Sundae Day – Warm melted chocolate. Slivered almonds. Delicious ice cream. A glistening red cherry. #IceCreamSundayDay Click To Tweet


National Blueberry Day – Today we honor the blueberry. The saddest berry ever. #BlueberryDay Click To Tweet

Be A Kid Again Day- We still tear the wrapper off of straws and make rockets. #BeAKidAgainDay Click To Tweet


July 9

Sugar Cookie Day – I'm no sugar cookie getter but boy they are delicious. #SugarCookieDay Click To Tweet

National Chicken Day – Nothing tastes more like chicken than chicken. Eat up. #NationalChickenDay Click To Tweet

When there was an emoji available for you to use, we’ve included them next to the dates. If you find we missed an emoji or we forgot a day, let us know in the comments below. We want to hear from you.

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