SOCIAL DAYS Series June 26 - July 2

Social Days Series: Week of June 26 – July 2

So when you’re working in hotel or restaurant marketing, you need content to fill up the days. We’ve decided to work with our partners at CheckInDesign, our new hospitality website designers, to put together next week’s social days that hotels and restaurants can use for content. We included the day, some emojis you could use, and a message you can post yourself or use for inspiration. Get those guests!

Social Days

June 26

Canoe Day – Our town is home to amazing #paddling spots. What is your favorite #canoe spot? Happy #CanoeDay Click To Tweet

Beautician Day – You look beautiful as is, but if you want us to enhance what you have, come on by. Happy #BeauticianDay Click To Tweet

Chocolate Pudding Day – It is dangerous to wear white around kids today. Happy #ChocolatePuddingDay Click To Tweet

June 27

Sunglasses Day – Days out? Shades out! Rock them at night too, it's #SunglassesDay Click To Tweet

Pineapple Day – Drink more Pineapple juice, your wife will love you for it. #PineappleDay Click To Tweet

National Orange Blossom Day – Stop and smell the citrus. #orangeblossomday Click To Tweet

June 28

Tapioca Day – If you like Boba Tea or Pudding, put the straw and fork down. #TapiocaDay Click To Tweet

Paul Bunyan Day – We aren't lumberjack but we love to wear plaid . Happy #PaulBunyanday Click To Tweet


June 29

Waffle Iron Day – Happy #WaffleIronDay! We got waffle cones ready for your summer ice cream. Click To Tweet

Camera Day – On #CameraDay I'm working with 16 megapixels and nothing less. Click To Tweet

June 30

Social Media Day – Some people do meetups on #SocialMediaDay. We call it Happy Hour Click To Tweet

Meteor Watch Day – It's a bird, its a plane, it's a meteor. Happy #MeteorDay. Click To Tweet

National Mai Tai Day – When I want to do a staycation I just order a Mai Tai . Happy #MaiTaiDay Click To Tweet

July 1st

International Joke Day – Diet is eating food that makes you sad. #internationaljokeday Click To Tweet

National Baked Bean Month – Beans beans they're good for your heart, the more you eat the more you... Happy #BakedBeanMonth Click To Tweet

National Culinary Arts Month – We want to tip our forks and knives to all the great chefs out there. #CulinaryArtsMonth Click To Tweet

National Hot Dog Month – Mustard Vs Ketchup - The battle continues all month long. #HotDogMonth Click To Tweet

National Ice Cream Month – There is always room for dessert . Happy #IceCreamMonth Click To Tweet

National Picnic Month – If you bring the basket, we'll provide the food. National #PicnicMonth Click To Tweet

National Pickle Month – Instead of getting yourself in a pickle enjoy a pickle at our restaurant. #PickleMonth Click To Tweet

National Gingersnap Day – Was the snap in gingersnap because of the sound? #GingersnapDay Click To Tweet

Canada Day – 150 years to celebrate in one day . Get you poutine with us. #CanadaDay Click To Tweet

Cell Phone Courtesy Month – Put on the earphones and turn them off in the movie theaters. #CellPhoneCourtesyMonth Click To Tweet

Horseradish Month – Myth or Fact? Horseradish helps with a stuffy nose. #HorseradishMonth Click To Tweet

July 2nd

Made In The USA Day – Support your local business and proud Americans . #MadeInTheUSADay Click To Tweet

I Forgot Day – I was going to tell you something... ‍#IForgotDay Click To Tweet

When there was an emoji available for you to use, we’ve included them next to the dates. If you find we missed an emoji or we forgot a day, let us know in the comments below. We want to hear from you.

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