SOCIALDAYS Series June 19 to 25

Social Days Series: Week of June 19-25

So when you’re working in hotel or restaurant marketing, you need content to fill up the days. We’ve decided to work with our partners at CheckInDesign, our new hospitality website designers, to put together next week’s social media days that hotels and restaurants can use for content. We included the day, some emojis you could use, and a message you can post yourself or use for inspiration. Get those guests!

June 19

Garfield the Cat Day – If you like lasagna as much as Garfield, come celebrate his day with a slice of your own #garfieldthecatday 🐱 Click To Tweet

Sauntering Day – We have been celebrating sauntering day for an hour every day. #happysaunteringday 🍻 Click To Tweet

Martini Day – Who needs a martini today? Shaken, stirred, and dirty, all served here chilled. #martiniday🍸 Click To Tweet

Ride to Work Day – The first hybrid was people on their bikes. Get the energy you need by having our breakfast special. #ridetoworkday🚲 Click To Tweet

June 20

Cherry Tart Day – We normally like the icing on the cake but today it's all about the cherry on top. Happy #cherrytartday🍒 Click To Tweet

Ice Cream Soda Day –  Putting ice cream in soda might sound odd but it's delicious. So is our *DISH*. Happy #icecreamsodaday🍦 Click To Tweet

American Eagle Day – Today we celebrate #americaneagleday by offering a special on *fish dish*. Let's get patriotic together.🦅 Click To Tweet

National Vanilla Milkshake Day – We serve milkshakes so good it makes John Travolta start cursing. #nationalvanillamilkshakeday 🥛🤝 Click To Tweet

World Productivity Day – Once you're done being productive take a load off with us. #worldproductivityday📈 Click To Tweet

June 21

International Yoga Day You bring the mat and we'll have the water ready for you. #internationalyogaday 🤸‍ Click To Tweet

Go Skateboarding Day – We know very well what it means to grind. Kickflip those shoes off and book a room with us. #goskateboardingday Click To Tweet

Make Music Day – Our managers are conductors, our teams the orchestra, and our guests are the audience members. Happy #makemusicday 🎶 Click To Tweet

Selfie Day – We'll provide the backdrop for all your selfies. No filters necessary. #selfieday 🤳 Click To Tweet

International Surfing Day – You can spend all day and only catch one wave and it would still be a great day surfing. #internationalsurfingday 🏄 Click To Tweet

National Peaches and Cream Day – Every time we hear about this day we think about that 112 songs. #nationalpeachesandcreamday 🍑 Click To Tweet

June 22

Onion Ring DayFries get all the credit but the perfect side of with burgers are onion rings. Try ours. Happy #onionringday Click To Tweet

Chocolate Eclair DayUnder 100 calories, get your steps in and then reward yourself with a chocolate eclair. #chocolateeclairday Click To Tweet

June 23

Let It Go DayWe've been saying this way before Frozen made it popular. #letitgoday Click To Tweet

Take Your Dog to Work Day – Pet-friendly is not the only amenity that will make Fido happy. #takeyourdogtoworkday 🐶 Click To Tweet

Public Service Day – We tip our hat to our public servants today. Making it easier for all of us. #publicserviceday Click To Tweet

June 24

Fairy Day To celebrate #fairyday we are serving ice colde absinthe. All green fairies drink free. Click To Tweet

Pralines DayCombine a little sugar with some nuts and cream and you get a praline. Could be a song or a joke. #happypralinesday Click To Tweet

June 25

Catfish DaySome call is the Salmon of the South. We call it delicious. #catfishday 😺🐟 Click To Tweet

Strawberry Parfait DayIt's organic and gluten free. That is good enough for me. #strawberryparfaitday 🍓 Click To Tweet

Global Beatles DayThe Beatles were getting #turnt before anyone. #globalbeatlesday 🐞 Click To Tweet

Color TV DayIf you want to celebrate #colortvday we have *how many* big screen TVs for you to show you care.📺 Click To Tweet

When there was an emoji available for you to use, we’ve included them next to the dates. If you find we missed an emoji or we forgot a day, let us know in the comments below. We want to hear from you.

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Social Days Series: Week of June 19-25
We want to help restaurants and hotels increase their organic traffic. We give you social media days, emojis, and messages you can report yourself.
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Social Days Series: Week of June 19-25

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