SOCIALDAYS Series June 12 - 18

Social Days Series: Week of June 12-18

So when you’re working in hotel or restaurant marketing, you need content to fill up the days. We’ve decided to work with our partners at CheckInDesign, our new hospitality website designers, to put together next week’s social media days that hotels and restaurants can use for content. We included the day, some emojis you could use, and a message you can post yourself or use for inspiration. Get those guests!

June 12

Peanut Butter Cookie Day – We’ll tell you a peanut butter joke but you would just spread it. #peanutbuttercookieday Social Days Series: Week of June 12-18

Red Rose Day – Roses are red, violets are blue, a good steak is pink. #redroseday Social Days Series: Week of June 12-18Social Days Series: Week of June 12-18

Superman Day – [Picture of staff] Not all super heroes wear capes. Happy #supermanday Social Days Series: Week of June 12-18

Falafel Day – When you leave here you’re going to be Falafull! Happy #falafelday

June 13

Cupcake Lovers Day – They are like single serving cakes. Who doesn’t love them? Happy #cupcakeloversday 🎂

Kitchen Klutzes Day – Put the knife down before you hurt yourself. Come to the restaurant and we’ll do the work for you. #kitchenklutzesday

June 14

World Blood Donor Day – You can give blood to save lives and pass on the juice and cookies, come to the restaurant and we’ll give you fries. #worldblooddonorday 💉

Bourbon Day – A clean shot of bourbon is sipped not chugged. Stay classy and happy #bourbonday 🥃

Bath Day – Sometimes you just need to warm up the water, lift up the legs, and let your problems soak away. Celebrate #bathday at the hotel. Social Days Series: Week of June 12-18

Flag Day – Land of the free. Home of the Brave. Come over to the restaurant and let’s get patriotic. Happy #flagday Social Days Series: Week of June 12-18

Strawberry Shortcake Day – Throw those nutrional facts out the window today. It’s #strawberryshortcakeday Social Days Series: Week of June 12-18

June 15

National Lobster Day – Today, this is how I roll. #nationallobsterday

World Meat Free Day – If you want to make a difference, try our quinuoa salad. If not than try our new york steak. On #worldmeatfreeday we give options. 🥕🌽

Dump the Pump Day – In an effort to support #dumpthepumpday I’m staying at the hotel poolside and not driving anywhere. ⛽

Smile Power Day – Get your emojis out and share the power of a smile. #smilepowerday Social Days Series: Week of June 12-18

Nature Photography Day – Our hotel is near parks, reservations, and scenic trails. Drop your stuff of here. #naturephotographyday Social Days Series: Week of June 12-18🌲🏞️

June 16

National Fudge Day – You got to be fudging kidding me. We get a whole day! Happy #nationalfudgeday

Flip-flop Day – Dress shoes not allowed. Just kidding. But you might be more comfortable. #flipflopday 👣

Fresh Veggies Day – We have seasonal veggies served from local farms. Taste our [menu item] for #freshveggiesday 🥕🌽

June 17

World Juggling Day – When your juggling work, kids, and life, you sometimes need a stay-cation. #worldjugglingday 🤹

Eat Your Vegetables Day – We serve our burgers with juicy tomatos and crisp lettuces. #eatyourvegetabledays 🥕🌽

Apple Strudel Day – An apple strudel a day, keeps the doctor away. They love those things. #applestrudelday 🍎

June 18

International Sushi Day – Today, we eat with our hands! #internationalsushiday 🍣

International Yoga Day – You bring the mats and we’ll bring the water. Come to the hotel for #internationalyogaday

Go FishingDay – Get your takeout sides to accompany your large catch. Delicious brown rice and shredded brussel sprouts would go great. #gofishingday 🎣🐟

International Picnic Day – If you really want to impress your date, get some stuff from our takeout menu. We got you covered. #internationalpicnicday Social Days Series: Week of June 12-18

Turkey Lovers Day – Thanksgiving is in November. We can’t wait this long. #turkeyloversday 🦃

When there was an emoji available for you to use, we’ve included them next to the dates. If you find we missed an emoji or we forgot a day, let us know in the comments below. We want to hear from you.

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Social Days Series: Week of June 12-18
We want to help restaurants and hotels increase their organic traffic. We give you social media days, emojis, and messages you can report yourself.
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Social Days Series: Week of June 12-18

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