Why Boutique Hotels Should Outsource Their Laundry

Why Boutique Hotels Should Outsource Laundry Service

Hotels argue that having an in-house laundry service provides them with top quality results and speedy service. Those are great reasons and I agree that a five star expensive hotel regardless of size should consider this. For the rest of us I think that using real estate in your building for a laundry service has too much actual and economic cost. . With that said here are some reasons why you should outsource.

Economic Cost

You can be using that valuable real estate space for revenue making ventures. Maybe you can make banquet space that gives high returns and high visibility with potential guests. You could use that space for a gym or spa. The amount of uses are endless and all provide you with a new source of money.

Actual Cost

Some people don’t understand the actual cost involved with doing laundry. There is hiring of laundry staff, training of laundry staff, modifications for standard operating procedures, training of engineering staff for repairs, possible increase of inventory items, etc. Take this into account, if your engineers are not trained properly on those machines, which most hotel engineers are not, you have a huge cost added by outside repairs services. So most hotels have to incorporate replacement machines, which is an additional inventory item.

Space Saving

Boutique hotels especially, do not have the excess space to create an in-house laundry service. The machines take space. The containers holding the linens takes space. If you have an ironing station, that takes space. You might be thinning out various parts of your hotel to make this accommodation.

Stock Tacking

With in-house laundry you need to treat all linen as paid assets so they need to be counted like inventory. This is a time consuming task that carries with it additional training. This is also involves more accounting and staff training.

There are plenty of reasons why you should outsource your laundry. The biggest is time and training, as mentioned above. Laundry services can provide high quality linens for rent and outstanding service. Researching and negotiating are the biggest tasks you need to take on when outsourcing your laundry.

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